Ministry Highlight: Michael Mendonca

An update from Mitch Ross, FCA volunteer and pastor of United Baptist Church, Mars Hill, Maine:

I have had the privilege of being the assistant coach for the Central Aroostook Panthers Jr. High baseball team. This has been a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the lives of these young athletes and to teach them that sports involves more than just the sport itself. It is just as much about developing character and life skills that will shape the person.

In the Fall of 2015, after going through the process to become a certified coach minister with FCA, a senior high huddle group was started at Central Aroostook High School. This student-led group, which meets mid-day, has been a steady influence at the school since then and has seen a good core group established.  Currently there are two young ladies who have take leadership roles in seeing this group continue.  Both of these individuals took the step of becoming certified student leaders.

Lord willing, we will add a junior high huddle in the Fall of 2016, which will be a feeder for the older group. Central Aroostook is a school that is blessed with a good number of Christian coaches and teachers so I am very optimistic about the continued success and growth of FCA in this school.

Michael’s Prayer Request… Would you please join Michael as he prayers for the ministry work of FCA Coach Minister Mitch Ross, Central Aroostook HS Huddle Facilitator:

Pray that the work of Mitch Ross be fruitful in humbly being Your servant in aiding young people to connect with the way, truth, and life (Jn 14:6) of Christ Jesus. May he always turn to You, Lord God for strength and guidance in all matters concerning his FCA ministry…and beyond; so that those that witness his servitude will see not a man…but see a beacon of light…that vividly shines of hope, peace, and love in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

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