Ministry Highlight from Zach Putman, Cortland County, New York

My buddy Nolan, whom I did not know before the August 2016 New York Motocross Camp, came to know the Lord while at the camp!  He traveled up to NY from Kentucky with Mike Mathis, a faithful huddle leader from Indiana, to coach at the camp.  Nolan is a young gun professional motocross racer who thought it would be fun to teach kids how to ride safer and faster, little did he know He would meet Jesus while serving.  

Throughout the week after spending the day riding at the track, we would take the campers and retreat back to the camp grounds to shower up, fill our bellies and have our nightly chapel service.  Being a coach, Nolan didn’t have responsibility over any of the campers after they left his section of training.  So after dinner each night he would excuse himself back to the privacy of his own bunk and opt out of chapel service because he wasn’t really into the whole church thing.  Well, come Thursday night, some of the other coaches and huddle leaders convinced him to stay and hang out for chapel at least to see what it was about.  After service he approached the preacher personally and made it known that he wanted whatever was just preached about Jesus.  He was led to the Lord right there in the camp dining hall!

Throughout camp Donita Povolny, who serves on FCA staff, was advertising an upcoming Motocross Camp that would be taking place in Guatemala in October 2016.  After Nolan accepted Christ and found out going to Guatemala was a legitimate option to continue to serve, he jumped right on the opportunity to begin his fundraising for the trip.  And, in October, he made the trek to Guatemala to love on people, share Jesus, and be a coach as well as an assistant Huddle Leader at the camp down there!  

The accompanying picture is one of Nolan and me coaching our huddle on the track at camp in Guatemala!

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