A Ministry Moment from Solomon Bliss, Regional Camp and Community Coordinator

As I recently began to reflect on the summer, I considered the impressive teamwork of our coaching staff of nearly 70, and how much their efforts so closely align with FCA’s core values of Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence. In the coaching world you usually have a lot of strong personalities and many diverse individuals who each have a way that things get done. Usually, it is the way they’ve always done it and it’s hard to try to steer them in different directions. Yet, our very experienced and talented coaching staff were always willing to do things in the way that was best for FCA, or for a specific athlete, or for the team that they were coaching at the time.

If I would ask any one of the coaches to do something different, the reply was always something like: “Hey if that’s what’s best for the program.” It might be a high school coach that I’d ask to coach 4th grade, a level he or she has never coached before — but it didn’t matter, because the coach believed in FCA it is just what he/she would do.

These coaches have respect for FCA and for what they see the ministry doing in the lives of the kids and families. And, because they believe in FCA they put their own beliefs about coaching – but not their knowledge – aside, and as Sean McNamara would say: “they are happy to row in the same direction.” Their decision to work as a team doesn’t take away from their abilities or talents as coaches, but rather creates a united coaching staff.

It has been exciting to watch the Holy Spirit impressing on the hearts of these coaches who are blessed by blessing others. I will often see a talent in one of them to fill a hole, and even though they might not see it at the time, they agree to fill the hole and are more blessed than they would have been otherwise.

It has been a privilege to serve on the leadership team along with Sean McNamara with whom I have prayed through which coaches would coach where and with whom, and as we have done so, to see God’s plans unfold. As we have allowed the Holy Spirit to work through the entire coaching staff God has truly knitted them together. Only God could assemble this amazing group of coaches: the God Squad.

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