Ministry Update with Jeannine Cavallaro

Coaches huddles, creating a network of team members, and countless conversations over coffee. This is a glimpse into the daily life of Jeannine Cavallaro, who came on staff with FCA as State Director in Massachusetts just this past spring. Even though she may not be an avid coffee drinker, she’s incredibly passionate about those that she meets.

I love being around people and sharing with them about what God is doing,” says Jeannine. “I also like talking in a sports realm and having conversations with others about what they’re doing in athletics. My background is in coaching (on all types of levels), and I’ve been an athletic director for many years, so it’s nice to be able to sit with people and talk sports; especially when I get to do it at coaches huddles.Jeannine Cavallaro

Jeannine is especially encouraged when her coaches open up about their struggles and share what’s on their minds. To her, one of the greatest rewards as a staff member is having solid trust built within her relationships and being able to weave biblical principles into her conversations with coaches. Plus, Jeannine’s able to get on their level.

“I’m able to talk with them in that same sports language,” she says. “I’ve dealt with similar issues in my coaching career, so I can relate to them in many different ways that other people might not be able to.”

While it can be challenging to navigate her coaches through tough situations with athletes and to bring the Gospel message into schools, Jeannine finds a lot of joy in going over Bible study topics that touch on dealing with adversity, defining a win, and becoming a servant leader. Equipping and encouraging coaches, she says, is a big part of her ministry.

As a relative newbie to FCA, Jeannine is staying focused on building a strong foundation of team members in Boston. Along with plugging away on phone calls and meetings, she remembers what’s at the heart of her ministry.

“The biggest thing that keeps striking me over and over again is that this is God’s deal,” she says. “FCA Massachusetts is a big thing in my mind and can become a little overwhelming at times, and I just have to continue to come back and remember that this is God’s work. He’s going to do it. He’s going to make it happen and provide in the ways where I may not be well-equipped. He continues to show His faithfulness time and time again. One of my favorite sayings is we just thank God for God.”

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