O’Come, O’Come Immanuel

Christmas is a wonderful season that means more and more to me each year. Our kids grow older, our family traditions become stronger, and precious memories build as we spend time together during the holidays. I wouldn’t trade these priceless family moments for anything.

However, while spending time with family on Christmas is a big priority in our lives, there is one important part of the season that overshadows everything else. It is the miracle of God sending His only son Jesus Christ to the earth on our behalf. God with us!
As God sent Jesus to this world in human form to save us from our sins, we are reminded of His indescribable and unconditional love. We remember the hundreds of Scriptures that were fulfilled through the life of Jesus and rejoice in knowing that salvation is found in Christ alone.

While Easter marks Jesus’ victory over our sins so that we can have a personal relationship with God, Christmas is a lasting reminder that He left the throne of heaven to walk the same broken roads as you and me. It is a powerful testament that Jesus came to overcome similar disappointments and obstacles that we experience today motivated by His great love and compassion for us.

Whatever you may have experienced over this past year, my prayer is that the reality of God’s eternal love for you will overshadow any hurt, disappointment, or hardship that is in your life. As we walk through this Christmas season together, remember that we all share in the difficulties that this broken world can bring. Even Jesus himself shared our same emotions of sorrow and grief while He walked on the earth as a man. When we remain focused on His great sacrifice on our behalf, we allow His grace to pour into our hearts. Despite our momentary troubles, we can find hope in the amazing and never-ending love of God; who sent His only son to die for us to have eternal life.

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