With 20 years of coaching, obstacles are expected. As much as you prepare yourself as a coach, there are always things we miss. A new obstacle presented itself to me this past weekend at our box lacrosse tournament. The tournament was coming to an end, and I was surprised to find out that overtime was no longer an option. We were down to a shootout and I was asked to guide our team through this process.

Immediately, I felt anxiety take over my body. I was unprepared. All eyes were on me as I decided which players would take part in the shootout. These players trusted their coach to make the right decisions that would lead to a victory in this championship game.

Looking back over this past weekend, congratulations is in order to the fantastic opposing team who won. And, I know exactly what to do the next time our team is in a shootout and will be better prepared. While I was disappointed for this moment, I now have the wisdom to understand that preparation is essential when leading others to victory. We may never experience another game tied at the end of regulation, but we will be prepared. Guess what one of our top priorities will be at our next practice?

This experience reminded me how others may look to a Christian as a coach for guidance in times of unexpected trouble and obstacles they face. Alone, we are not able to effectively guide others, especially in something we have not personally faced.

We can be prepared. God is our head coach! Whether you are in a rough season or in a time of great blessing, remember to build your faith by making time with the Lord a top priority. Prepare yourself so your heart can be ready for the unexpected shootout.

Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not.2 Timothy 4:2b


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