Exodus 2-3

I recently led a lacrosse practice that pushed me to my edge as a coach. After two hours of practice, none of the players had made a mistake, committed a penalty, or taken a risk. At the top of my lungs, I told them how frustrated I was that no one was stepping up or playing boldly during the entire practice. The stunned look on their faces and wave of quiet that spread throughout the sports facility made me realize that I had said this much louder than I intended to. You could have heard a pin drop!

I wonder what God thinks of me when I become overly cautious in my walk with Him?

In a world that values comfort and safety, Christians are called to a life of courage. We are challenged to go throughout our days either fearing God or fearing man, and each day brings us new opportunities where we can demonstrate our faith in Him. The story of Moses in the Old Testament is a powerful example of how God uses the courage of others for his kingdom cause. The fearlessness of the Egyptian midwives that refused to follow Pharaoh’s orders, the courage of Moses’ parents as they placed him in a basket down the river, and the bravery of Moses when the Lord sent him back to Pharaoh to lead the Israelites out of Egypt are all acts of courage that had a huge impact on others.

I was not asking our team to play recklessly or intentionally make mistakes, I wanted them to play with courage. When we are not afraid to take risks and live with courage, it is amazing how different life can look. If there is an opportunity in your life where your own faith is being tested, it is time to take a step forward and be courageous.

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