FCA Introduces New Regional Camp Coordinator: Margaux Poplaski

Hailing from Levant, Maine, Margaux Poplaski has stepped up to become FCA’s new Regional Camp Coordinator. As an FCA staff member since 2011, Poplaski has served as both an Area Representative and Maine State Director – working with coaches and athletes alike to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the region. Along with receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology: Sports Studies, Poplaski is also an honored field hockey player and seasoned college coach.

With a new focus on supporting the camp ministry and equipping coaches with valuable teaching tools, Poplaski is excited for what God is going to do next through FCA Camps. “I am really looking forward to developing a big picture strategy for the Northeast and how we view our camps,” says Poplaski. “At FCA, the heartbeat of what we do is to serve and engage coaches in our ministry. I have a lot of experience in that realm, and I think it is important to know the wants and needs of our coaches so that we can help advance our camp ministry.”

Poplaski will be working closely with FCA Regional Director of Ministry Advancement Nathan Bliss, who is also looking forward to her transition. “I am thrilled that Margaux is joining the Ministry Advancement team to focus on elevating our camp ministry in the Northeast,” says Bliss. “Having served together at multiple camps, I have witnessed firsthand how gifted she is, particularly in her ability to create amazing camp experiences for campers, coaches, and volunteers. I cannot wait to see how God uses her abilities to impact our area!”

Margaux will also be working on administering and planning FCA Camps in Maine, as well as building stronger community ties with the camp programs. “We have gained some ground in Maine,” says Poplaski. “We are ready for the next step, which is strategizing how we do our camps and tailoring the specific needs of our community.”

As Poplaski transitions into her new regional role, the search begins to find her replacement for the Maine State Director position. Jeff Miller, FCA Regional Director of Talent Advancement, has already started the recruitment process.

“We will need to pivot our recruiting efforts and find who God has called to become our next State Director for Maine,” says Miller. “Margaux has established a strong foundation for FCA in that region and I am excited to see who the Lord brings to that role next.”

For additional information on the position, please contact Jeff Miller at jeffmiller@fca.org or to apply, click here.

To learn more about Margaux, click here.

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