As I recently read through the book of Acts, I was inspired by the stories of Paul’s boldness as he shared his faith to both the Jews and Gentiles. He maintained a determined attitude throughout his ministry that can serve as a great encouragement to us in our daily lives. One of my favorite verses in Acts paints a picture of how Paul lived out his faith despite being imprisoned for worshipping the Lord.

“Around midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening.” – Acts 16:25 (NLT)

This passage shows the impact that Paul’s attitude had on the people around him. Although he was facing extreme adversity, he continued to sing hymns and pray to the Lord regardless of his circumstances. His boldness is a reminder for me to continually praise God in both the good times and the bad; whether others may agree with my faith or not. While we cannot predict how people will respond as we share the Gospel, we may also never know who is listening and watching us. Just as Paul remained faithful in prison, it is important for us to remain bold in our faith throughout difficult times.

Whatever circumstance you may find yourself in today, remember to pray and praise the Lord in every situation and boldly proclaim His glory for those who may hear. Our worship should not be reserved for Sunday mornings alone. Instead, our songs should be heard in our moments of adversity and in the lonely hours around midnight.

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