I’ve never seen a play work like our extra man offense did one season. It was so much fun to watch the boys repeatedly execute the play. It would create an easy goal for one of our players to finish an uncontested shot. As we ran the play, a few passes before the easy goal the whole play was predicated on one player reading a situation and deciding between the two options that were in front of him. Often times either option would prove successful under certain circumstances. The small crowd assembled would cheer when the ball hit the net, but it was the play that was executed three passes before the shot, that led to the goal.

Sometimes, when we face an important decision we can have two good options in front of us, yet we’re unsure of how to move forward. Our indecisiveness can paralyze us, and we can be unsure of which course of action to take. I remember praying and fasting during my final spring break as a college athlete and asking God to help me decide between teaching or serving on FCA staff. Both were great opportunities that I could see myself finding fulfillment in for many years. Alone, I took three days to pray, fast and ask God to give me a very clear answer on what He wanted me to do. My mind would wander as I sat in prayer hoping to hear from God.

I knew that my opportunity to be alone with God was coming to an end as my roommates would be returning soon. Instantaneously, I sensed the Lord tell me to pursue whatever would bring others and me closest to Him, because that’s what would bring true contentment in my life. Once the silence was over, I was able to truly hear from Him and my decision became clear.

As the coach of the team, I entrusted my reliable player to decide in a split second which option to choose. The next time you face a big decision, and it’s time to decide, be sure to remember the goal is to not just make the right decision at that moment, but the decision that sets up the ultimate goal – to deepen your walk with Christ, as that is the only goal that will bring lasting contentment.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.” – 1 Timothy 6:6 NIV

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