As we piled in the car – the last to depart the annual FCA Summit, I looked in the rear-view mirror and watched the Mountain Top Inn & Resort fade away as we began the drive home. I knew people would ask how the week had gone, and that it would be very hard to articulate to others the profound experience that was shared by the staff and volunteers who had attended this year’s summit.

Time at our annual gathering seemed to fly by as the week rapidly unfolded. When I reflect on our days together with the Northeast’s key staff and volunteers, I couldn’t desire that it had gone any better than what Paul writes in his letter to the Philippians:

“… and working together with one mind and purpose. Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.” Philippians 2:1b-4

We arrived from so many different destinations with so many various backgrounds and experiences, yet God continues to knit our team together, as we worked wholeheartedly and with one mind and purpose. We were encouraged as we learned from one another, and learned from Him, in a room that was filled with so many who were giving and unselfish, and not trying to impress one another. I have been involved with many sports organizations and various groups, but when I look back on our time together, I believe there is something special that God is doing.

I am thankful for this “mountaintop experience” where God has allowed our relationships to deepen with one another and with Him. The true success of our time together will be measured in the months after as we continue to focus on FCA’s great mission to lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.

A mountain’s summit oftentimes offers the greatest views of its surroundings. I am thankful for the spiritual summit we experienced, and that we all have a clearer view of what we see God doing in and through us. When our greatest desire is to please God and carry out our united mission, it is incredible how clear and inspiring the view can be from the summit!

I am extremely thankful for this past week, and the amazing people God has recruited to His FCA team!

Since 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been challenging coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ – to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

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