Moses answered, “Wait here until I have received instructions for you from the Lord.” Numbers 9:8

Nothing can slow a game down more than the moment when the coaches’ challenge flag comes out. As the red flag hits the ground, the players look at each other, then stop to wait for the instant replay. As frustrating as this can be for an impatient fan, “waiting” can be an incredible attribute for a coach who is trying to do the very best to lead others.

In the Book of Numbers, there comes a time during Passover when the Israelites are questioning Moses about their next course of action, and Moses answers, “Wait here until I have received instructions for you from the Lord.” The word “wait” stood out to me, as this is the answer that I, as a leader, aspire to give when people come to me with a question.

There are many attributes that can make someone a great coach or leader, but in this verse Moses’ desire was to wait until he had received the very best instruction to give the Israelites. Something that only the Lord could provide.

So, whether you receive the answers you are looking for from the whispers of the Holy Spirit or from your time reading His Word, those of us who are leaders and coaches should aspire to be known as one who waits on the Lord. Ultimately the people who we lead and coach cannot receive instruction that is more beneficial, than the instruction received from the Lord after patiently waiting on His direction.

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