Jake Hannon Highlight – 2019

“Seeing the power of prayer at work is what has me the most excited right now,” says Jake Hannon, FCA’s Buffalo Metro Director. “God orchestrates amazing things through the vision of his people.”

About the same time Jake was hired by FCA in 2018, two father’s of athletes were dreaming and praying about bringing FCA baseball to Buffalo. It was at an FCA baseball tournament in Ohio where the vision really took root.

“Soon after, these men came on to my board and together we met former major league pitcher, Joe Winkelsas and we all really hit it off,” says Hannon. “After getting to know one another and working alongside Joe (former Atlanta Braves Organization), we quickly formed two different campus baseball huddles – one for coaches meeting in the morning and one for travel baseball players at night.”

Seeing how quickly the huddles came together and how much immediate benefit they were to the coaches and athletes was an encouragement to Hannon. “On Friday nights, Joe brought incredible major league pitching mechanics straight to these travel players and then spent about 30 minutes in devotion – this is what it’s all about. It’s amazing to see the energy coming out these types of huddles.”

It’s not only the fellowship of these huddles that Hannon is excited about. This momentum has grown into bringing one of FCA’s first ever baseball camps to the region. This fall, Big Ten Championship head coach, Greg Beals of the Ohio State Buckeyes will be coming to Buffalo to help facilitate this two-day baseball camp. This will be a special highlight with a capacity of 100 campers.

“We truly believe that travel baseball is in the future for this region. The sky’s the limit, really,” Hannon says. “God is moving things so quickly, naturally and organically. It’s exciting to be a part of everything that is happening to spread the Gospel. And to see how the families and community is supporting and getting involved is really a major blessing!”

Hannon says, “Finding where God is at work in this region and shining a little light on it really is an awesome part of my job here at FCA.” 

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