What is an FCA Board?

A Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Board is a volunteer advisory board of leaders in a community or region who love Jesus Christ, care about coaches and sports, and recognize the incredible platform that athletics provides to impact their area for Jesus Christ. They willingly invest their time, influence, effort, expertise and finances to see FCA happen and encourage others to join in the effort.

What’s the commitment?

Commitment of Board Members in Northeast Region:

  • Agree with and support the vision, mission and values statements, and the statement of faith.
  • Commit to pray for the ministry.
  • Commit to put forth best effort to participate in meetings.
  • Experience the ministry by attending an FCA camp or huddle group meeting within the first 12 months of being on the board.
  • Commit to put forth your best efforts to give or raise $5,000 annually for FCA.
  • Serve for three years with a potential second term of three years should that be desired and met with Board approval.

What’s the first step?

Complete an Initial Interest Application

Then what happens?

Recap/Next Steps – The current process we have been using for recruiting Board Members:

  1. Expect an email or call from a member of our leadership.
  2. Initial Interview with the appropriate staff member
  3. Informal Meetings (face to face or phone) with existing Board Members
  4. Complete an Ministry Leader Application.
  5. Complete Spiritual Gifts Test – Gifts of Grace
  6. Existing Board Members recommend you for the Board
  7. Invitation extended.
  8. Complete Board Commitment

What is the final step?

Complete Board Commitment