Many times, FCA volunteers say, “I am just a volunteer.” This phrase should never be uttered. They are not just volunteers, but volunteers who have an ability to impact lives through investing their time, talent and treasure in athletes and coaches lives for Kingdom impact. Everything they do as a volunteer has a direct or indirect connection to life change! Without their time given, there would be needs in the local area not met – Bibles not bought and distributed, athletes not invited to camp, student-leaders not equipped and coaches not empowered to reach their campuses.

Some people who will never be given the chance to hear and see the FCA ministry in action. Without their talents,
gifts and skills invested, the wisdom and passion to reach the community for Christ through FCA would never be realized. They are the most significant part of the FCA ministry to ensure long-term success.

Regional Opportunities

Opportunities to serve in the Northeast Region Include:

Camp Huddle Leader
Huddle Coach

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