Campus Ministry

According to Fortune Magazine, over 95% of executives in Fortune 500 companies were athletes in high school. This makes sense – athletes learn about overcoming challenges, leadership, discipline, and teamwork in the world of competition. The scoreboard and clock are replaced with sales, profits, and promotions, but the lessons remain the same.

FCA campus ministry in the Northeast Region is about

challenging the sports culture of our seven state area. By focusing on our core values of Integrity, Service, Teamwork, and Excellence – athletes and coaches will find they can excel and reap the rewards of competition aside from the scoreboard and clock. There is an Audience of One – and He takes pleasure when we use our talents, abilities, and gifts to the fullest. When that happens, a whole campus is impacted – not just the athletes and coaches, but students, teachers, families and the local church. Sport will be changed forever, and business, industry, families and the local church will follow.

In the Northeast Region there are nearly 2,500 school districts and 300 college campuses with athletic programs. In high school alone, there are just over 1.5 million students – and nearly 900,000 athletes participating in sports programs in the region.

We can have an impact. You can have an impact. It will happen one campus at a time… Will yours be next? Will you join us as an athlete, coach, parent, or volunteer to see coaches, athletes, and all whom they influence impacted for Jesus Christ through our campus ministry?

Contact an FCA staff member in your area or click on the link below to go to for more information.