Barry Canipe

Northeast Regional Board Member

Barry Canipe

What does a leader in consumer and health care finance and an ultra-endurance mountain bike adventurer have in common? Barry Canipe. Having had experience both serving on boards and reporting into boards during his career, Canipe is a big picture strategic thinker who is impressed with FCA’s board: “It is a real working board, and they care about the mission and the difference the ministry can make.”

A native of Warrenton, VA, Canipe grew up playing football through high school, but when he entered college, it was cycling that became his passion. While Canipe had heard of FCA in college, it was not until his son James, a fourth grade lacrosse player, asked to play for the FCA team — who had beaten James’ Victor lacrosse travel team twice — when Canipe noticed all that FCA could do for youth. Canipe said, “My son would come out of the huddles and tell me about the Bible lessons and the passages that they are talking about — he enjoyed learning about the Bible, as well as playing lacrosse.” Canipe values how the additional spiritual aspect that FCA brings during the week will help shape the person his son will become.

Canipe believes “There’s a hunger out there for faith – whether we are willing to share it is the challenge. In high school, I was a Christian, but I wasn’t comfortable sharing my faith because I felt isolated. If you can get kids comfortable about sharing their faith at an early age, and knowing there are kids alongside them who have faith, through a vehicle like FCA, they can have a powerful impact for Christ.”

Canipe views FCA as a way to have greater spiritual impact on kids who will enter various fields of work in the future – not just missionary work, but also teachers, business executives, doctors, people who can influence people in their work places, just by how they live their lives. “The most effective path to sharing the gospel with the most people is in the secular world where you have influence,” said Canipe. And, he recognizes the powerful ways that athletes influence the quality and character of American culture.

Canipe holds an M.B.A. from the Darden Graduate Business School of the University of Virginia and a B.B.A. in Finance from James Madison University. With more than 25 years of financial expertise, Canipe has been the Chief Financial Officer at Carestream Health, Inc. since January 30, 2012. Prior, he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of American Standard Brands for eight years and he had a 10-year career with Honeywell and Allied Signal.

An avid cyclist with a thirst for extreme adventure, Canipe has participated in a number of long-distance mountain bike races including the TransRockies Challenge, a 6-day mountain bike event, and the Leadville 100, a hundred miles across the high-altitude terrain of the Colorado Rockies. He resides in Victor, NY with his wife Leslie and their 3 children– Rebecca, who is in college at Virginia Commonwealth University, Elizabeth and James. The family, who attend Willowbrook Church in Victor, are very sports-oriented and keep busy year ‘round with lacrosse, golf, skiing, snowboarding, and cycling.