Bryan Dench

Northeast Regional Board Member

Bryan Dench

Attending an FCA Hockey camp in Hagerstown MD was a life-changing experience for Bryan Dench and his wife Susan. “We got to see nearly 100 kids playing hockey and studying scripture together, and on the final worship service night witness more than a quarter of them commit themselves – or reaffirm their commitment — to Christ. I could talk for hours about that worship service,” Dench said.

Dench played in the 2013 FCA Men’s Christian Cup in Minneapolis, and has since played in the Cup tournaments in Buffalo and Chicago. “It was an amazing experience to play a 3-day hockey tournament with every game beginning and ending with prayer on the ice, team devotions and being around guys who loved Jesus – who were passionate about their faith and competitive athletes at the same time. It was something I had never experienced as a hockey or soccer player, or as a coach,” Dench said. After attending two President’s Weekend events, the Denches decided to make FCA the focus of their volunteer lives.

After a lifetime of playing sports and coaching hockey and soccer, Dench sees no quitting in sight. He is a licensed USFF soccer coach and has coached every age from 6-year-olds to high school. And, he continues to coach soccer and hockey at various FCA camps across New England, and hockey at FCA camps in Hagerstown, MD and Omaha, NB.

“Research shows that of the people who are committed Christians, the vast majority of them made that commitment before they were twenty-one-years-old. There is a need for FCA to reach out to competitive athletes, to offer something to those who aren’t yet committed Christians. I am overwhelmed at how powerfully God is using this ministry,” Dench said.

Dench has a BA in Social Anthropology from Harvard University and a JD from University of Maine. He has practiced law for over 41 years at Skelton, Taintor & Abbott in Auburn, Maine, where he is also Chairman of the Board. In addition to serving on FCA’s Northeast Regional Leadership Board, Dench is also a member of FCA’s National Hockey Board.

Dench and Susan have five children between them and three grandchildren. The couple are engaged in politics and civic affairs, and enjoy spending time together at sports events, the symphony, and walking their dogs. Dench is an avid drummer, and likes to drop in on local blues clubs for inspiration.