Jensen Ko

Northeast Regional Board Member

Jensen Ko

Jensen Ko is a man who values relationships. As the COO at a New York-based hedge fund corporation with a long history in the investment management industry, he has experienced firsthand the value solid relationships can add to the business world. He has also witnessed how relationships can bring a positive impact to youth influenced by Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

“Recently, I got to go to a huddle. There was such a hunger for God’s Word and a great community of believers who all made it a point to come. I enjoyed listening to people and finding out how we can be a part of each other’s stories and how we can encourage the students to Christ. There is responsibility that comes with creating this type of community.”

Ko is no stranger to responsibility. He facilitated marketing teams as the VP of Marketing with BrainPixels and the Director of Marketing with Weston Capital. He worked as Director of Volaris Advisors and Executive Director of The Grace & Mercy Foundation, Inc. He also held positions with Goldman, Sachs, & Co. and A.T. Kearney as well as Sigma Advisors, LLC, which he co-founded. Whether serving in a company of ten or ten thousand, he has discovered the wisdom of getting to know people.

Ko’s decision to join the FCA team developed out of relationships formed with an FCA supporter in California and with Sean McNamara, the Vice President of the Northeast Region. He is looking forward to discovering how he can encourage the right kind of community for FCA ministry specific to New York City.

“I’d like to use FCA as a platform to build strong relationships. Sports are not just about health and being together, there is a ‘missional’ element. I’m hoping that, in two years, we’ll be able to have more people in New York City to work with us to reach out to coaches and athletes.”

Ko received his BA in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley and his MBA in Finance from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School. He resides in New Jersey with his wife and son, Jayden, an avid basketball player.