Larry Wilson

Northeast Regional Board Member

Larry Wilson

It is the combination of his heart for the lost souls of New England, and Sean McNamara’s contagious passion and work ethic that fuel Larry Wilson’s desire to be a part of the Northeast Regional Board. Wilson’s first connection with FCA began when he participated in an FCA huddle as a high school student in northeast Texas. Then, four years ago he got reconnected with FCA while on a work assignment with an ExxonMobil affiliate in Portland, Maine and met Steve Wilson on a plane who asked him to join Portland’s FCA Advisory Board. “God was in my meeting with Steve on that plane and He’s a great recruiter,” Wilson said.

The burden Larry Wilson feels for the hearts of the people in New England did not change when he moved from Maine to retire in his home state of Texas in November 2013, and he desired to maintain a ministry connection with New England: “We see New England as a place in great need – and recognized that God was leading us to be a part of its FCA ministry. There are already so many people loving the Lord in the South, and we knew something in our life’s work has to be connected with God’s work in New England. There is an impact that only FCA can make for the kids there in those schools.”

And, he also continues to be motivated to help in the FCA ministry because of the effective leadership of Sean McNamara, the VP of Field Ministry in the Northeast Region: “Sean’s relentlessly optimistic and hard-working approach in this ministry inspire me to want to continue to be a part of that, even though we are back in Texas,” Wilson said.

Wilson received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Louisiana Tech University. He was blessed with a 36-year career with ExxonMobil that he began shortly out of high school, working his way up to various executive positions. While in Maine during the final years of his career, Wilson served as CEO/President and the Chairman of Portland Pipeline Corporation U.S. and Montreal Pipeline Limited Canada, a ExxonMobil affiliate Joint Venture. He is very thankful that God gave him such a rewarding, long-term career. Not completely retired, Wilson now serves as CEO of a privately held oil and gas organization founded by a Christian brother.

In addition to FCA, Wilson is involved in various ministries. He and his late son Conner shared a heart for pouring themselves into other men, through ministry, friendship and mentoring. Wilson has also been involved with Life Action Ministries for over 22 years, where he currently serves on the board, and he and his wife Diane are connecting with Hannah House, a local mission for unwed mothers. They attend Mobberly Baptist Church in Longview, TX.

Wilson and his wife Diane reside in east Texas. They enjoy sharing their lives with their son Conner’s wife Kristin and their four children Alli, Peyton, Drue and Brody, as well as Wilson’s daughter Meredith, son-in-law Matt and their young son Whitten. The family has a love for the outdoors and all types of sports. Wilson enjoys hunting, fishing and golf, and aims to get back into the water to teach his grandchildren how to water ski soon.