Jamie Ellerson

Area Representative
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Jamie Ellerson

Area Representative

When Jamie Ellerson was growing up in the Binghamton, NY area the only presence FCA had was their second hand logo shirts at the local Champion Outlet. Now it is Ellerson’s job to grow FCA’s presence in his hometown as he becomes Binghamton’s first Area Representative.

It is the platform that FCA brings in ministering to kids through coaches that appealed to Ellerson. “I believe God has called my wife Allison and I to work with teenagers, yet as I get older, I find they don’t relate to me as well as they used to in terms of what I can communicate with them, so we changed our angle and asked God how we can still effect youth. FCA was a perfect fit.

“Coaches are someone who can pour Christ into them while they are at school – that’s what drew me to FCA where I can still be in youth ministry, but through a different angle that God’s planned out and designed for us,” Ellerson said.

Ellerson anticipates leveraging many of the connections and skills he developed during his career in outside sales and relationship management as he networks to grow FCA’s ministry. “What I’ll be doing with FCA in terms of asking people to invest in the ministry God has called us to is very similar in nature to what I’ve done in past jobs involving forming relationships with people and in-home call sales, it’s just a different purpose.

“There are a lot of people already doing a lot of hard work to spread the gospel here. I’m looking forward to connecting and helping them with the resources they need through FCA. Susquehanna Valley and Windsor high schools are looking to start huddles, and we already have a presence on SUNY Binghamton’s campus.

“In our area, a lot of kids use athletics as a way out, so if we can reach those teens with Christ, and they leave, then we’ve taught them to reproduce what FCA stands for. And, for those who stay, it will enrich our public schools, which are really hurting in a lot ways,” Ellerson said.

Ellerson earned his Bachelor of Science in Theology, specializing in youth ministry, from Summit University (Pa) in 1995. Prior to his ten year career in relationship management and sales, Ellerson taught theology at his alma matre, Ross Corners Christian Academy in Vestal, NY where he was nominated by his students for two consecutive years to the Who’s Who Among American Teachers. While there, he also coached the boys and girls varsity soccer teams. It was a former Ross Corners’ student, Peter Englert – who is now a Rochester-area pastor, who brought the FCA position to his attention.

Ellerson and his wife have three daughters, Alyssa, Emily and Kayla. The family attends First Baptist Church of Whitney Point where Ellerson plays guitar in the worship band. His hobbies include hunting, fishing and playing basketball and softball.