Shara MacDonald

Area Representative, Maine

Born and raised in the state of Maine, Shara MacDonald has seasoned experience in developing relationships in her region. She serves as a part-time FCA Area Representative in the city of Albion and works as a full-time high school teacher at Erskine Academy.

“After joining FCA, my role as a teacher has shifted,” says MacDonald. “I began to understand that God does not have to take me to Africa to be in the mission field. My mission is here at my school with my kids! I can serve as a solid role model to guide these students through their high school years and into the arms of Jesus Christ.”

MacDonald attended Husson University and the University of Maine, and played volleyball, basketball, and softball throughout her years in college. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education in 1987. With a love of sports and for training up young students, MacDonald knew that she wanted to use her talents for the glory of God, and went back to school to receive her teaching degree as well.

As a current huddle leader, CPR trainer, and summer camp coach, MacDonald has been working to build close friendships with the coaches in her area. She supports and teaches the coaches in her city, and is also developing a strategy for bringing together FCA coaches throughout the state of Maine.

Along with her FCA ministry, MacDonald enjoys spending time with her family and two wonderful dogs. She also coaches field hockey and varsity lacrosse at Erskine Academy. Her goal is to do more community work through FCA and to bring the Gospel of Christ to many more coaches and students at her school.