Sandy Thomas

Area Director, Eastern Maine

After 20 plus years in high school and college coaching, it is no surprise that God has given Sandy Thomas a heart for coaches’ ministry. Upon returning home to Maine, she volunteered with a sports ministry in coaching national and international touring teams. God was shaping her heart to have a better understanding of how to glorify Him through the platform of sport.

Sandy Thomas’ initial experience with Fellowship of Christian Athletes was as a basketball coach at FCA’s Power Camp in Marshall, Indiana. Shortly after, she was asked to speak at an FCA Huddle for coaches at the women’s basketball Final Four.

Volunteering with the University of Maine FCA campus huddle, Thomas began to sense a need for more involvement in FCA. She soon became the Eastern Maine area Board Chairperson.

“I realized quickly that my passion for coaches’ ministry began to develop as I started to see the need to come along side coaches with Godly character development and encouragement. To be able to serve God in Maine is a tremendous privilege and to be able to do that with a ministry such as FCA is humbling,” said Thomas, who has been serving as FCA’s Eastern Maine Area Representative since October 2013.

“Be still, and know that I am God…”Psalm 46:10